Tokyo: Japan's human rights envoy to the United Nations was facing calls to quit over a video which showed him shouting at fellow diplomats to ‘shut up’.

YouTube footage of the incident at the UN torture committee in Geneva has provoked a storm of criticism on the Internet, with demands that Ambassador Hideaki Ueda be recalled to Japan.

Blogging Japanese lawyer Shinichiro Koike, who said he was at the session, explained that a representative from Mauritius had criticized Japan's justice system, which does not allow lawyers to be present during interrogation.

Ueda, who appears to be not entirely at ease in English, jumps to his country's defence. "Certainly Japan is not in the middle age. We are one of the most advanced country in this field,” he said.

Koike writes that this comment provoked some giggling, which cannot be heard on the video. "Don't laugh! Why you are laughing? Shut up! Shut up!" the Ambassador shouts.


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