Los Angeles: "Horrible Bosses" actor Jason  Bateman's wife Amanda Anka has given birth to a baby girl named Maple Sylvie. The 43-year-old welcomed his second daughter on February 10, a representative confirmed, reported a magazine.

The couple, who married in July 2001, already have five-year-old girl Francesca Nora.

Bateman had previously said his wife helped him turn his life around after he became a heavy drinker and wild party goer.

"Meeting my wife Amanda was the best thing that could ever have happened to me. She wasn't going to let me screw around my life anymore, so I stopped drinking and started
behaving like a decent human being.

"Then I got very, very lucky when 'Arrested Development' came along. That series saved my career - it gave me back my credibility I used to have when I was much younger and before people gave up on me as a party guy in Hollywood. It was just enough to make me ambitious again," he added.