Singh, a Lok Sabha member and former Finance Minister, is the latest among those who have come in support of Bhave.
Last week, CBI registered a Preliminary Enquiry against Bhave, former senior Sebi official K M Abraham and others for alleged irregularities in grant of licence to MCX Stock Exchange back in 2008.
The BJP leader said that he was appalled “when the CBI leaked information that it had begun a PE against Bhave and Abraham”.
“Without contacting the concerned persons, obtaining their views and then weighing the evidence, it is reprehensible to tarnish reputations of officers through such leaks,” Singh said in a statement.
Criticising the CBI action, he asserted that when honest officers do a good job, they should have the protection that their reputations are not spoilt by investigators prematurely rushing to the media.
“Such action reaffirms the need for an independent CBI, with Parliamentary Oversight to ensure that this agency fulfils its mandate in a fair and judicious manner,” Singh said.
Describing Bhave as one of the best IAS officers, he said that the former was known for his honesty.
“I have known Bhave when I was the Finance Minister. He is unquestionably one of the best IAS officers of the country, known for his rectitude and honesty,” Singh said.
The former Finance Minister joins many other well known personalities who have come in support of Bhave.

They include Union Ministers Jairam Ramesh and Anand Sharma and eminent banker Deepak Parekh.


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