In a democracy everyone has a right to express his reservation against the state but it does not give leeway to sabotage national properties. It is unacceptable and deplorable that leaders of the Jat community have disrupted rail traffic following protests over reservation in the Central government jobs. The halting of rail service is tantamount to holding nation to ransom. Railways has become a soft target for protestors these days. Recently, when the Telangana stir escalated, the agitators first hit train services. In the same vein, Naxals also disrupted rail services when they show their ire against the government. It is ironical that the rail administration has succumbed to the terror tactics of Naxals since Mamata Banerjee took railway portfolio. Disappointingly, the rail services have, now, been paralyzed on the issue which is not concerned with the Centre. Albeit the Supreme Court is frowning over the frequent disruptions of railway services for petty gains, neither the Centre nor state governments have made any move. The Haryana government had given directions to take action against the police highhandedness in the case of Dalit harassment, but the administration showed its lackluster approach.

The tendency to hit road and rail traffic has taken a serious dimension. It is a wrong concept that protesters would stop targeting the rail services even as the over the Rail Ministry’s assurance that it allocate new trains in states that do not witness any agitation hitting rail services. If both the Centre and state governments pick up cudgels, people would be discouraged to paralyze rail services. The Centre and state governments are just passing the buck, which spur protestors to go with their whims blocking rail services for days with impunity. The Central dispensation is non-committal on the Jat agitation, which cannot be shaken off. The Jat community has been staging agitation for three years, but nobody knows what is the stand of the government on it, which is aggravating the problem. The leaders of Jat community should understand they can't muster sympathy by blocking rail tracks and paralyzing normal life.