"We have to change the habits and mindset of people. When the country is clean, the mind also is clean. This is also a sort of beginning of the fight against corruption. One can do nothing if Rahul Gandhi does not understand this," Javadekar told here.

"The Prime Minister is making Swacch Bharat campaign a weapon for change in the country. The contours of that change is completely ready. We have to clean the air, water, save energy and water and also ensure proper solid waste management and sewage treatment," he said.

Speaking at an event to mark 125th birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru yesterday, Gandhi took a dig at Modi over the "Swachchta Abhiyan" saying "photo opportunities" are galore.

"These days, the foundation of love and brotherhood is being demolished. On the one hand houses are being painted and roads are being cleaned. Photo opportunities are happening.

"Snaps are being taken. On the other hand, poison is being spread. The very foundations are being weakened," Gandhi had said during his speech.

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