New Delhi: The entrance test results of for admission to class six in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Yenigadale in Chintamani taluk have been declared.

Aspirants with the following registration numbers have passed the entrance test: B01305,  B02210, B02226, B02227, F02240, B02429, B02435, B02438, B02439, F02627, F02977, G00083, G00088, G01833, G04378, C05135, D02621, J00158, M00928, F03928, J00134, J00157, M00190, N00192, N00234, P00452, M00918, I01128, K01361, N01409, N01415, O01447, N01852, J02006, M02049, M02547, L02723, N02742, I02837, N02843, I02995, M03087, N03104, N03105, J03593, L03662, N03736, J03962, O04189, N04426, I04534, L04620, M04637, J04850, J04868, M05333, N05340, N05385, P05426, K00171, K00594, K02014, O02087, K02314, K02531, K03966, K04144, O04188, K04616, K05280, K05281, K05293, O05408, O05409, O05412, L03345, L04898, L05299, L05305, P05425.


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