The 29-year-old 'Kayamath' actor is playing a pistol manufacturer in the film directed by Anand Kumar.

"I play this character called Gyani. He is a boy who makes desi pistol since he was a child. It is a story about how this boy represents India as a shooter in Olympics,” Bhanushali said.

"I became a shooting expert after dealing with pistols so much. When the story was narrated to me by Anand, I thought this is the film I should start my film career with,"  he added.
'Desi Kattey' is set to hit theatres on August 28.

Known for his boy-next-door image on the small screen, the actor has gone for a major makeover for the film. He has grown his beard for the role.
"I have worked hard for this look. It has been almost eight months since I shaved. I also had to lose weight for the first half of the film but in the second half I had to look little bit muscular. So, I had to work on the transformation," he said.
Bhanushali said he would soon be getting back to his normal look for his stint on TV.

The actor has done a variety of things on TV, be it hosting shows, playing the lead in soaps or participating in reality shows.
When asked the difference between the big screen and small screen, he said, "I don't think there is much difference between TV and films because the amount of hard work people do in TV is similar to films. In fact, we work for 24 hours in TV.”

“Rather, TV has trained me very well as an actor," he added.

Bhanushali finds the exchange of actors between TV and silver screen a good thing and says he made sure his film debut is different from his colleagues.

"When I was signing this film my thought process was that the film I do should not be similar to my co-actors who have come from television to films. This film is related to gangsters and sports," he said.


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