In a letter to Narendra Modi dated August 13, 2014, released by the state government on Thursday, she said with a view to meet demand supply gap, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGEDCO) had signed Long Term Power Purchase agreements for 3330 MW for 15 years commencing this year.

Of this, 2158 MW was 'contracted' from private power producers outside southern region, she said, adding the suppliers had applied for Long Term Access from November 2013 to January 2014 with Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL), the designated Central transmission utility.

While the Sholapur to Raichur inter-regional transmission lines with 4000 MW capacity has been commissioned, enabling power flow from western to southern region, a total transfer capability of 1100 MW and available transfer capability of 350 mw only has been declared by PGCIL for the present after considering a high transmission reliability margin of 750 MW.

This implied that only 350 MW can flow to the southern region now, she added.

"When the applications for Long Term Access from the long term power suppliers of TANGEDCO are pending with PGCIL since November 2013, the Ministry of Power has allocated an additional 377 MW of surrendered power of the Government of Delhi to Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala over and above the present allocation of 316 MW to these states upto 31.03.2015," she said.

She pointed out that this would adversely affect availing of transmission capacity under Long Term Access by Tamil Nadu as even temporary allocation of power from Central Generating Stations is considered equivalent to long term power for allocation of transmission capacity.

This temporary allocation of power should not curtail the genuine Long Term Access entitlement of Tamil Nadu and fixing high transmission reliability margin of 750 MW required review and reconsideration, Jayalalithaa said.

"Therefore, I request your urgent intervention to advise the Ministry of Power and Power Grid Corporation of India to consider the Long Term Access application of power suppliers to Tamil Nadu without taking into account the temporary allocation of surrendered power to some of the southern states," the Chief Minister said.

She also urged Narendra Modi to direct the Ministry of Power and PGCIL to review the transmission reliability margin so Tamil Nadu can get its rightful share of Long Term Access.

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