The winsome actress, who has been active in political arena for quite a time, may have wooed her ‘hero’ by gyrating to the ‘Naulakha’ beats but whether she derives any ‘pearl necklace’ from the voters in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls remains to be seen.

The actress-turned-politician, who enthralls huge crowd wherever she goes, is successfully drawing attention from her admirers in Bijnor. Not only do the young voters but the elderly of the constituency seem to be struck by her charisma.

Vishvajeet, one among the crowd following Jayaprada, was waiting for her to come on the stage, so that he can have a good glance of her. Vishavajeet is a fan of Jaya ever since he saw her film ‘Sharabi’; he is happy and thankful to the elections which brought her favorite actress to his town.

To make an impression amongst the locals in Jaya’s rally, ‘mujhe naulakha manga de re’ one of her utmost loved song was being played.

Jayaprada, being well aware of the popular sentiments of a particular region while campaigning, especially in Muslim-dominated area made sure that her star image doesn’t overrule her political standing . She didn’t fail to use her stardom and beauty to lure the masses but at the same time not forgetting her target and gave a rigorous speech at the dais. In her speech, she criticized the ruling Samajwadi Party.

A truck driver by profession Ramesh has many pictures of Jayaprda inside his cabin. He doesn’t only know the words of the song but he is well versed with lyrics of her all time famous songs.

It remains to be seen if the crowd translates into votes for Jaya in Hastinapur. After quitting from the SP, Jaya is toiling hard to enter the Lok Sabha for third time.