The land was handed over to the association and since a road leading to judges' quarters was situated amid the land, the government asked the association to give Rs 4.20 lakh for laying a separate road.

The association said it could give only Rs 2 lakh and remitted it on July 26, 2004 and the remaining Rs 2.20 lakh was borne by the government. A compound wall around the land given for building the memorial was built on February 13, 2006.

"Since the association stated that it would by itself build the memorial, steps were not taken at that time for constructing it by the government," she said, adding, "Had the association asked the government to build it, I would have given the order then itself."

"So far, the memorial has not been constructed by the association in the land allotted for the purpose and several sections of people and political parties have appealed that the government should build the memorial," she said.

Hence, the Chief Minister added, "I am very happy to announce that the memorial will be constructed by the Tamil Nadu government in the land allotted to South Indian Film Artists Association for the memorial."

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