"While once the Police were concerned about inter-district criminals, today inter-State and even International criminals tend to take centre-stage. New forms of crime keep surfacing", Jayalalithaa said.
"It is not enough that offenders in heinous crimes are arrested. It must be ensured that bail applications are strongly opposed, cases charge-sheeted and expeditious trial ensured", she said at the Conference on Police Officers in Chennai.
Referring to deaths in police custody, she said that it would be a ‘travesty of justice’ if a citizen dies in a police station.
"Instances are reported of suspects dying after suddenly developing illness while in a police station or committing suicide while in custody. While the Police are expected to protect the lives of citizens in their homes, work places and in public, it will be a travesty of justice if a citizen dies within the precincts of a police station", she said.
"When you arrest 9 lakh people, an odd death in custody here and there may appear to be statistically negligible, but a dead man is not a mere statistic for his loved ones," the TN CM said.
Jayalalithaa also praised officials for the arrest of ‘Police’ Fakhruddin, Panna Ismail and Bilal Malik - the key suspects involved in the 2011 Advani pipe bomb case and murders of BJP and Sangh Parivar unit leaders, from a house at Puthur in Andhra Pradesh.
"The recent arrest of Fakruddin followed by the operation at Puthur in which two of his associates were arrested without any loss of life was a noteworthy achievement", she said and recalled that she personally congratulated the 260 police personnel by presenting cash awards and also giving promotion to 20 senior police officials.
"While such sensational operations grab headlines, there are also numerous instances where your (Police personnel) hard toil is taken for granted by the public for example, during the visits of dignitaries facing high levels of threat or anniversary functions of caste leaders or major temple festivals", she said.
Observing that the government is aware of ‘hardships’ faced by the police, Jayalalithaa said, "This is why my government has been particular in taking care of the well-being of individual policemen, welfare of the force as a whole and the wellness of the Police as a department.”


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