Spring is all about colour blocking. Now spin the colour wheel and pick your tint as spring season is knocking at your doorstep. Colour blocking is most accepted trend this spring-summer. To be a master of the art of colour clashing and blocking, here fashion designer Urvashi Kaur suggests girls to bid adieu to their old outfits and add extra colour blocking to their wardrobe for maximum impact and style.

For Girls:

-    Wear bright hued dress with acid yellow nails enamel and a neon belt. This will surely make you a crowd head turner.

-    Prefer colour block heels so that people do stop for a moment to give a glance.

-    If you don’t wish to wear too loud colours, use accessories that add a pop of colour.

-    The great advantage of colour blocking is that it hides flaws as dark colours have slimming effect. So by wearing dark colours, grab everyone’s attention naturally.

-    Darker colour should be worn according to body shape. If you have hourglass body shape, you can use colour blocking on your waist area to highlight figure. However, those with pear-shaped body must stick to darker shades for their lower body. If hips are heavy, colours should be worn vertically.

The colour blocking trend is not attracting women only but it’s making way to men’s runway too. Fashion designer Ashish Soni asserts that the youth today quickly jumps the trends, so try to pick colours wisely. Pair neutral colours with bold shades to give a distinctive look. From trousers to socks, ties to belts, bags to shoes, all trends are hit in the men circuit.

For Guys:

-    The simplest colour blocking is selecting shades mix either from a warm or cool colour palette.  The warm range includes green, blue or violet.

-    Invest in a bright pair of coloured jeans which is a good start for guys. Try colours like red, blue or white. A black or white coloured tee will compliment well with these bright trousers.

-    If you still don’t feel confident enough to try out this trend, start investing in a t-shirt with vivid coloured stripes.

Courtesy: Delhi Desire