KC Tyagi said the remarks that were expunged are allowed in Lok Sabha but not in the Rajya Sabha.

"This is a matter regarding words I expressed which were considered as un-parliamentary. When it is allowed in Lok Sabha why not in Rajya Sabha? While exploitation is considered as a Parliamentary word, loot is considered un-parliamentary. All the names stated by me were deleted from my speech," he said.

Kurien admitted that the comments of the Chair could be subjective. "It need not be objective. It can be subjective. Usually we go by the rule book. Personally I have felt certain words are not un-parliamentary. I go by my predecessors, who were more learned than me," he said.

The Deputy Chairman cited some words which he considered as parliamentary, which his predecessor had termed as un-parliamentary and expunged them.

"I agree, even my decision can be subjective sometimes. I can have a relook at that. However, I will try my level best to be objective," Kurien said.

P Rajeeve (CPI-M) asked the Chairman to come out with a new rulebook on what is parliamentary and what is not.

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