The 43-year-old has not had great results in the last 18 months as acute inflammation was found in his overworked shoulders. But not the one to seek excuses for his poor form, Jeev refused to blame injuries for the results.
"No no I have been struggling. I won't blame it. But yes there was inflammation in my overused shoulders. I consulted many sports medicine experts and doctors but the Regenokine programme seems to have given me another chance to do what I love the most," Jeev said.
So how did he get to know about this alternate system of medicine?
"Vijay Singh and Fred Couples recommended that I see this doctor Peter Wehling, an orthopedic surgeon, who is the founder of this Program. I took treatment for five days and everyday I was injected four times," Jeev said.
"Both Vijay and Fred had some back problems. Their backs had given away but they were fixed by doctor Wehling. I am glad I went there. He has also treated the King of Dubai in the past. I returned from Germany on April 26 and have practised now for a few days.”

The Regenokine Program is a non-surgical treatment program used to treat Osteoarthritis, joint pain, low back pain and some muscle and tendon issues. It involves drawing blood from a patient and then separating and treating it with heat to concentrate its healing properties.
The incubation process takes upto 24 hours and it stimulates the growth of immune-regulating substances from the body, like tumour necrosis factor and interleukin-1. Once the blood is ready, it's injected directly into the joint or other source of pain.

Legendary American basketball player Kobe Bryant had former Viacom CEO Tom Freston have also taken the same treatment for their knee and disc problems respectively from Dr. Wehling some time back.
"I am glad to say that it is now 80 percent better. I am looking forward to playing good again," he said.
Jeev's first tournament after this treatment will be theSpanish Open, a European Tour event, starting on Thursday in Girona.
"It will be a good test for me to play 2-3 tournaments in cold conditions. I am keeping my fingers crossed," he said.
In the 2015 season so far, Jeev has played three Asian Tour events and missed the cut in Malaysian Open and Thailand Classic. He finished tied 24th at the Indian Open, which was also co-sanctioned by the European Tour.
On the European tour, he missed cut in five tournaments
At 43, Jeev is at the twilight of his career. But the very sight of a golf course excites him and he can't help himself from taking up the golf club and swing his arms.
What keeps him going?
"At the end of the day, I still have desire and fire to play golf. I still feel nervous when I take my tee shot, I still feel excited. And as long as this desire is there, I will keep playing golf," he said.
"I am really looking forward to play pain free. The practice has been good but the real test will come in tournaments where you give your all. The next two three weeks will be very testing," he said.

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