Milan: In a humiliating episode ace golfer Jeev Milkha Singh's coach Amritinder Singh was forced to remove his turban following a security check at the Milan airport when he was about to board the flight on Tuesday.

The coach was told by the airport authorities that he could either take off his turban or not board the flight as several people at the airport watching the scene.

Jeev objected by telling the airport security officials that it was nothing but harassment but to no avail. The determined security staff at the airport did not pay any heed to their claims and let the duo off to board the flight only after Amritinder removed his turban and it was checked by them.

"I told the security people that this is not the way to conduct. I have been travelling for close to 35 years but such a thing had never happened," Amritinder singh told PTI over phone from Italy.

"It is a personal insult as I have travelled all over the world and even though security officials put their detectors around my turban, I have never had to remove my turban. For me it is like being asked to strip in public," he said.

"I belong to a country whose Prime Minister wears a turban and I feel India should take up issues with other countries. I do not want to stand in the way of safety regulations, but a person's personal privacy has to also be respected," said Amritinder.

Jeev called up India's Counsellor General in Italy and apprised him of the incident. "He has assured us that he will take up the matter", the coach said.

"I also told them that they could look at my passport and see that I am a sportsperson and have never been humilitaed like this but they refused to comply. I even told them that this is not security but harassement," he added. An agitated Jeev said it was nothing but harrasment of him and his coach by the Italian authorities.

"My father wears a turban and I would be horrified if he was told to remove it unneccessarily and unrespectfully in front of hundreds of people," said Jeev.