London: Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez is all praise for herself. The actress does it to build up her confidence as she firmly believes that negative thoughts can be harmful for personality.

The actress uses the method of self praising with words like 'awesome' and 'amazing' to gain confidence, says reports.

Lopez said, “It's about stopping those thoughts of negativity and insecurity. I think changing that and really recognizing yourself triggers control of how you feel, so you're able to go, 'No, I'm awesome man, I'm amazing, there's nobody like me.' I think that's the big secret to body confidence.”

She added, "I know it's hard for women to tap into that feeling of self-worth. We need to get the message out that you are valued, you are a goddess and don't forget that.”

Despite this confidence boosting mantra, the 'American Idol' judge admitted to being influenced by negative opinions on her work.

"It's easy to let negative stuff get to you. I'm no different to anybody else. If I'm performing for 200,000 people and there's one person near the front row who's not enjoying themselves, it'll be that one person who's going to bother me.” She said.