London: Pop star Jennifer Lopez seems happy to record a song co-written by Lady Gaga for her latest album. 

The singer jumped at the opportunity, saying that she "kind of lucked out" landing the catchy tune, according to reports.

The singer/actress didn't get the chance to meet the 'Paparazzi' hit maker during the creative process, but will finally come face-to-face with Gaga next week, when she makes a guest appearance on reality show American Idol, on which Lopez is a judge.

The 41-year-old hit the studio with producer RedOne as she started work on her new album 'Love' and was excited to learn Gaga had been involved in penning 'Hynotico', one of the tracks she had picked to work on.

"I didn't get to meet her and I wish I could have. RedOne, who collaborates with her on a lot of her music, worked with me on this album. When he said that he worked with Lady Gaga writing those, I was like, 'Really?" said Lopez.