Los Angeles: Singer and actress Jessica Simpson, who is pregnant with her first child, says she is due to give birth in spring 2012.

The 'Irresistible' singer spoke about her pregnancy in a recent interview saying that everything has been running smoothly and she experiences no morning sickness, reported a site.
"I am having a spring baby," she said.

Having said that she feels great being pregnant, the 'Fashion Star' mentor gushed, "Pregnancy is a friend of mine, so everything has been running smoothly. So far, so good – no morning sickness. I feel great. I'm tired, but you know, I'm making a baby here!"

The 31-year-old, who has put her plans to marry fiancé Eric Johnson on hold due to the pregnancy, also recalled taking the test.

"I was feeling a little off. [I first told] Eric, of course. He was in the house. He didn't know that I was taking a pregnancy test, so I kind of shocked him. I came in shaking like, 'Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This is happening!' We both cried. We were in shock and kind of just sat there and stared at each other."