Jammu: The chairman of the Kashmir Committee and senior advocate of Supreme Court Ram Jethmalani has raised questions over the success of the Central government-appointed interlocutors for Jammu & Kashmir.

After meeting various stakeholders in the valley, Jethmalani said, “The credit of the talks goes to the Kashmir committee only. Kashmir problem is decades old now and it cannot be solved by a few minutes of meetings.”

“I want to see both the nations to be in good terms in my lifetime,” he added.

The Central government-appointed interlocutors had invited the Hurriyat leaders for talks, to which the later had refused.

Questioned over the relevance of the Kashmir Committee when the government has officially appointed interlocutors for the state, Jethmalani said, “Every job cannot be done by the government. Civil society is also required to pitch in. The Kashmir Committee, which was formed in 2000, had actually initiated talks with the Hurriyat.”

Extending good luck to the Central government-appointed interlocutors, the seasoned lawyer lamented that the three-member team has not been able to achieve anything.

“The contribution of the Kashmir Committee in resolving the Kashmir issue cannot be overlooked. I am regularly in contact with the Chief Justice, Prime Minister and other ministers in Pakistan. There are several external and domestic dimensions to the Kashmir issue,” Jethmalani said while deliberating on the locus standi of his committee in connection with the six-decade old dispute.

“The University of Jammu has been subject to discrimination for which young men are battling. Our goal is to find a solution to the decades old Kashmir problem. I made it clear before the separatists that they must accept Kashmiri Pandits back in the valley for an amicable solution of the issue.”

(JPN/ Bureau)