Ranchi: The CBI investigation to probe the money laundering charges worth Rs 4,000 crores against Madhu Koda, appears to be gathering dust. Shortage of resources and the poor cooperation from the state government are being termed as the two major reasons behind the snail paced investigation.
To conduct the probe, the state government had to provide four police officials of Inspector rank to assist in the probe.Under the Anti Corruption Act, probe in the major cases requires an investigation by an official of Inspector rank.

Taking the fact into account, the investigating agency requested the state government to start the procedure to elevate these Sub Inspectors to the post of CBI Inspectors. However, owing to the laid back attitude of state authorities, the Sub Inspectors are yet to be promoted. Due to the technical complications, the four sub inspectors are unable to extend their cooperation to the CBI team.

Notably, in compliance with the Jharkhand High Court orders the CBI had taken over the investigation of the matter from the Vigilance Bureau.

After the hearing the CBI plea, the High Court on August, 31, 2010 had ordered the state government that the investigating agency should be provided with the required necessary resources. However, the state government has not initiated the required measures in the regard.