Ranchi: The Jharkhand government is in dire need of acquiring 7074.82 hectares of land to start work on various projects relating to railways, roads, irrigation, tourism, coal projects. However, the state government has been unable to start them due to public protest. It has been allotted land to shelve 111 railway projects, despite the fact that there is a capacity of starting only 41 projects on that land.

Likewise, the government has allocated land only for 27 projects out of 131 proposed projects for constructing road. Also land has been allotted only for one out of 31 CCL and ECL projects.

Land required for different projects (in hectares):

Railways: 449.10

Road construction: 1187.19

CCL: 438.6

ECL: 798.40

Ultra Mega project: 496.99

Water resources: 307.83

Tourism: 175.09

NTPC: 1533.31

UCIEL: 68.55

ONGC: 3.47

Knowledge City: 263.48

DRDO: 16.68

Others: 964.14