Ranchi: On the occasion of the 64th Independence of the country on Monday, the Jharkhand government is all set to launch a series of schemes to benefit the poor and the down trodden in the society.

Some of the important projects which are likely to be launched on Monday are Dal-Bhaat Yojana, Jannani-Shishu Suraksha scheme and health programme targeting diagnosis of diabetes among pregnant women.

Under the Daal-Bhaat scheme, initiated by the Food and Supply department, Rs 5 per kg Daal, bhaat and sabzi (Cereal, rice and vegetable) would be given to the poor from 100 centers across the state.

While Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Dhanbaad districts would have seven centers each, Dhumka and Bokaro would have six and five centers respectively.

The centers would be opened outside courts, bus stands, railway stations and other public places. Chief Minister Arjun Munda has assured allotting Rs 350 crore for such centers.

Meanwhile, under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) child delivery would be free of cost in the state from Monday. In the routine check-up, medicine, food, blood and other facilities would be given free of cost to pregnant women. In case of referral, the commutation expense would be borne by the state. The pregnant woman who undergoes a normal delivery would get free food for three days, whereas woman having a cesarean baby would get food free of cost for seven days.

In addition to this, it would be mandatory for the government hospital and dispensaries to have a diabetes check for all pregnant women coming for checkup. In the prenatal check up before delivery, it would be made compulsory.

In case of blood donation, there would be no collection charge or bank charge.

(JPN/ Bureau)