Ranchi: A massive fraud in the distribution of solar lights has been detected in the department of Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA). The Vigilance Department has stepped up investigations and has found many important documents relating to the fraud. Top officials of JREDA are expected to be involved in the scam.

The CAG had mentioned about the fraud in its annual report after which the government had ordered the Vigilance Department to probe into the case.

The scheme was initiated by JREDA with the intention of providing solar lights to BPL families at low costs and in order to implement the project, seven distributors were appointed for the supply of solar lights for domestic use and street lights in the districts. However, the solar lights did not reach the concerned people but were shown to have been distributed on paper for which a payment of Rs 2.5 crores was made to the suppliers.

According to the order, 690 solar lights for domestic purposes and 100 solar street lights were to be distributed among the BPL families. But without making an entry in the stock book of the number of solar lights distributed, payments were made to the distributors.

Speculations are rife that some top officials may soon be arrested for their involvement in the fraud.
JREDA Director Ashok Kumar said, “The irregularities have been discovered between 2002- 2009. We are providing all necessary help to the Vigilance Department in the investigation”.