West Singhbhum: Taking cudgels against the felling trees illegally, the villagers have launched a joint campaign against the mafia in the Saranda forest of Jharkhand.

The villagers have committed to take stern action against the forest mafia as they are involved in the illegal felling of trees on large scale.

The forest mafia is reported to have cut down loads of trees illegally in different parts of the Saranda district. According to villagers, they felled nearly 5000 trees in the area.

The angry villagers warned the gang and asked them to vacate the area within a week, but despite this the illegal felling of trees remained continued.

The villagers from Phulwari, Panchpahiya, Dumlai, Makranda, Pardiha, Navadiha formed a committee and passed a resolution seeking chasing out the forest mafia.

With the help of forest protection committee members, the villagers managed to drive the mafia out from the Saranda’s Samatha forest area.