Ranchi: Far away from the political epicentre Delhi is a different journalist sprawling with pure passion of nationalism and public welfare. Gauri Shankar Rajak, an 81-year old in Dumka in Jharkhand has not been as lucky as the Gandhian Anna Hazare in getting popularity and support of the masses, but he too has been treading a similar path to banish corruption.

The old man, once a convener of the Congress Kisan Cell, is waging a war against corruption and terrorism since 1986 by single-handedly running a hand-written newspaper ‘Deen Dalit’.

The newspaper, of which only 50 copies are published every week, may appear like a pamphlet but is a medium of expression and a hope for many of the frustrated souls fed up by the system.

Arranging news as a reporter for four days of a week, carrying out the page make-up in two days and distribution of the newspaper on the seventh day constitutes the life routine of this man.

The newspaper paper does not have any proper layout or font and even the language is unique with no proper style. While the front paper is A4 size, the second and the third can be of an entirely different shape and size.

During the weekend, Gaurishankar can be found pasting his so called newspaper on the walls of the Collectariat and other nearby offices. Though he has been forced to sleeps on several occasion empty stomach, his passion for awakening the masses refuses to die.

Gaurishankar is the owner, publisher, editor, reporter and distributor of his newspaper. With total expense of upto Rs 1200 every month, he credits the source of investment to his friends. A master copy is made which is then multiplied into Xerox copies.

On being asked about his undying passion, his wife says, “My happiness lies in his happiness.”

Born on January 14, 1930, he was convener of the Congress Kisan Cell and used to discuss for hours on general issues. On approaching the bigheads, he was either shooed away or asked for money.

According to him, he was fed up by the system and decided to express his views among the people by his distinct newspaper. Now, he is a person of importance and is heard patiently. His efforts have helped several people getting their old-age pensions and benefits of the Central and the state-sponsored schemes.

Meanwhile, his four sons are earning their livelihood by doing menial jobs to make both ends meet.

(JPN/ Bureau)