Gwalior: The Jiwaji University administration has decided to take tough actions against the affiliated private colleges which fail to appoint adequate number of teaching and non-teaching staff.

The University has fixed a deadline of July 31 for the colleges, not adhering to which would invite monetary fine and the risk of losing their affiliation.

The university has made it clear that under the statute of the university, the private colleges have to make appropriate appointments of teaching and non-teaching staff.

In a directive issued by the Vice Chancellor M Kidwai it has been made clear that if the colleges fail to make the appointments then the colleges will have to lose the affiliation and also be subject to fine of more than Rs 1 lakh.

Prior to this directive, the University administration had sent notices to the defaulting colleges, to which the respective colleges did not respond.

There are at least 100 colleges in which there have been no appointment of teachers and other non-teaching staffs.

(JPN/ Bureau)