Srinagar: One of the key members of the Centre-appointed interlocutor on Jammu and Kashmir, Radha Kumar on Tuesday said that the report submitted by the team to Union Home Minister P Chidambaram should be implemented in totality as the entire set of recommendations are interconnected and will yield no result if the connectivity is broken.

While talking to the media persons in the Kashmir Youth Festival in Srinagar, the noted academician said, "We would like it to be implemented in totality as the entire proposal is an interlocking set of measures."

“Every entry in the J&K report is deeply analyzed by us. Hence, none of them can be marked more or less important. Everything needs to be included if the government aims at resolving the Kashmir issue,” said Kumar.

Urging the government to put the report in public domain, she said, "We would like this report to come in the public debate as it will clear the controversy that is emerging in different faction of the society. All the recommendations need to be seen together in relation to each other.”

Elaborating the broad outline of the report, Kumar said that the team has addressed the issue of Centre-state relations, region-state relations, district, Panchayat relations, law and order issues, unemployment problem, economic development issue and other basic problems of the natives of the state. Moreover, the crucial issue of human rights violation that have remained prevalent in the state since ages have also been discussed comprehensively.

Highlighting the importance and depth of every point that have been made in the report, she said that the report is practical in all respect and is a correct step towards finding the solution for political settlement for the state.

“However, the team welcomes debate on the report,” she added.

The three interlocutors - Dilip Padgaonkar, M M Ansari and Kumar - had submitted their report to the Union Home Minister earlier this month after touring all the 22 districts of the state and interacting with people from almost all walks of life, except the separatist leaders.