Jammu: Jammu Legislative Assembly on Monday passed a salary bill which will ensure double hike in the wages of the state ministers. The bill was passed after one and half years of its initiation.
With the passing of this Bill, MLA, MLC and state ministers will now receive Rs 80,300 as salary while Cabinet Minister avail the increased amount of Rs 85,000 per month. Speaker of the House as well as Chief Minister will get Rs 90,000 per month.
Earlier the MLAs used to receive Rs 40,300 including other allowances. Now, their monthly salaries will be raised by Rs 10,000. Conveyance allowance was expected to rise from Rs 15,000 to Rs 22,000, telephone bill from Rs 5000 to Rs 7,300. With hike in the allowances, the salary totaled to Rs 60,300 but legislators were demanding Rs 100,000.
Therefore, after raising Rs 20,000, the bill was again sent for amendment by the state government. And, now their salary has risen to Rs 80,300 per month.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ali Mohammad Sagar presented the Bill in the Legislative Assembly. 25 MLAs gave their nod for an amendment in the Billm as they demanded a rise in the salary and wanted it to be increased to Rs 100,000. They sought some other amendments as well.

Tarigami was the lone MLA who did not support the hike in the salary. Chief Minister wanted to take a unanimous decision on the Bill.
Earlier, a resolution demanding 30 percent hike in the salary was presented, but the MLAs demanded a hike of Rs 20,000 and asked for the amendment in the Bill.
Meanwhile, PDP leader Baig said that Speaker’s salary should be more than the Cabinet Minister. This clause was included in the amendment.
Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said, “We decide our own salary hike but it becomes difficult to give a detailed account of the whole procedure to the public. We want that the salary of an MLA should be increased on the basis of a formula and for that experts should be consulted. Performing our duties sincerely, we should first increase the salary of workers.”

(JPN/ Bureau)