Srinagar: Centre’s interlocutors on Jammu and Kashmir recommended setting up of a special task force which will address the problems of women victims of violence in the state.

A two-day women’s conference was organised in the state. “The participants recommended setting up of the special task force comprising eminent women from the state to address the problems of women victims of violence, such as widows, 'half-widows' and orphans,” academician Radha Kumar told reporters at the end of the conference here.

On the recommendation of an urgent requirement for trauma counselling centres, she said, "We urge that these be speedily set up."

Kumar said there was a lively discussion on the political contours of a solution, with divergent aspirations being expressed from the three regions and the different political formations.

However, it was heartening to hear the flexibility that women displayed in finding common ground. "This spirit of give and take, respecting the sentiments of all three regions as well as communities, can provide the basis for a permanent resolution," she said.

Describing the sixth tour of the team as "different" from the previous visits, she said, "We focused on women, with a two-fold purpose.”

"We met the mothers, wives, sisters of the boys who so tragically lost their lives or were injured during the turmoil last year. These terrible losses should never have occurred, and, as one woman emphasised, they should not happen again,” she added.