Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP) on Thursday said the state cabinet has no powers to put off the elections of Block Development Council (BDC) and demanded the dismissal of Omar Abdullah government.

"We urge the Governor to invoke section 92 of J&K Constitution which states the dissolution of Assembly and dismissal of the government, to rescue the state out of serious constitutional crises generated with the cancellation of BDC elections by the cabinet", JKNPP Chief Bhim Singh told reporters in Jammu on Thursday.

"Cancellation of these elections has created constitutional crisis in the state", Singh said. The cabinet has no jurisdiction under the constitution to interfere with the electoral process, Singh said, adding, that it could intervene only if there were emergency or state of war.

"A constitutional crisis has gripped the state and it is mandatory to invoke Section 92 of the J&K Constitution," he said.

He alleged the government already tainted in corruption, criminalisation and nepotism and the only way out is its dismissal.

Singh said that party had demanded on the floor of the House for reservation for SC, ST and women candidates and did not ask for cancellation.

The state government government had put off next month's elections to Block Development Councils in order to provide for reservation for SC, ST and women candidates in them.


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