New Delhi: The second phase of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) scheme could see a three-fold hike in its fund allocation in the upcoming budget session.  The JNNURM is likely to witness an increase of Rs 700-800 crore in its budget.

The duration of first phase of the JNNURM was seven years beginning from the year 2005-06 whereas the second round of JNNURM will have a time frame of 15-20 years.

There will be more flexibility in funding of the project for the states to make its speedy implementation. However, problems with shortage of fund may prove to be a hindrance.

Under JNNURM scheme, the Central government financed several state schemes in projects that dealt with integrated development of slums and housing, water supply, sewerage, drainage, community toilets, and baths.

Transport, street lighting, civic amenities like community halls, child care centers and convergence of health, education and social security schemes for the urban poor were also among areas which were financed under JNNURM's first phase. Rs 66,000 crore had been allocated for the mission from 2005 to 2012 by the Centre.

According to an estimate, Rs 3,35,000 crore is needed for modernisation of selected 65 cities and a whopping Rs 40 lakh crore will be needed to implement the plan across the country in the next 20 years.

On this basis, Rs 2 lakh crore is required every year which demands much more effective measures for the implementation from the state governments as well.

Unfortunately many states do not have the required budget to implement the project due to which there was delay in the completion of first round of JNNURM scheme.

This is the last year for the completion of the mission. During the first round of JNNURM, 546 projects had been approved in 65 cities but only 126 projects have been completed so far. For infrastructure development in small and medium cities, only 142 out of 788 projects have been completed.

However, there have been transport developments in few selected cities under this scheme. Metro rail has been successfully contributing in making the lives of people in Delhi and Bengaluru comfortable.