According to the research by Robert Half, a premier US-based staffing agency, employers tend to term the employees "job hoppers" if they have changed five or more jobs in 10 years on an average.

"Too much voluntary job hopping can be a red flag," Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half said.

"Businesses look for people who will be committed to the organization, can contribute to the company, and help it reach its short- and long-term goals," McDonald said.

The researchers interviewed more than 300 human resource managers across the US to reach their conclusion. So before making the move, job seekers should first explore better opportunities within their current organisation, the research suggests. There may be other jobs with their current employer that are a better fit, Robert Half cautioned.

The staffing agency further suggested that for a long-term career, the job seekers must keep their priorities, such as whether they were changing the job for more money, greater challenges, flexible working hours, short commute or better relation with managers, at the forefront of their decision.


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