Los Angeles: When Penelope Cruz reunited with Johny Depp after a span of 10 years for the latest 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film, she thought he would be a changed person. But, she found that he had not changed even a bit.

Johnny Depp's career graph has witnessed a major rise over the years, but he still carries a fart machine to play pranks on the sets of his films, says his "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" co-star Penelope Cruz.

During an appearance on the US TV show 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', Cruz said that the 45-year-old actor is "one of the most kind and genuine people I have ever met," but also called him out on his pranks.

"When I first met him ten years ago he had a plastic one but now he has one with a remote control. He fooled me with it once when we were filming 'Blow'," said the actress who gave birth to her first child, son Leo with husband Javier Bardem, just a month ago.

"I was doing a very dramatic closeup. He kept making that sound with the machine. I was just thinking I hope they are not thinking it's me! And Johnny was standing there with a straight face," said the Oscar winning actress.