Mumbai: John Abraham's new found action image seems to be working too well for him. It has managed to attract the attention of Hollywood heavyweights like Sylvester Stallone and Gerard Butler.

If all goes well, you may just see Johnny boy alongside Stallone. Apparently, JJ Perry, Stallone's action trainer has now turned filmmaker and he has been looking to cast John and the Hollywood hotshots for his forthcoming film.

Confirms John, "Perry saw some shots from my film Force. He called me and appreciated my work and physique. He also expressed interest in casting me for his next. I will be going to Los Angeles in December to meet the producers."

Though starring with Rambo himself is an opportunity John obviously does not want to let go of, he maintains that his heart lies in Bollywood. He adds, "I am an Indian first and Indian films have always been my first priority. Only if I think it's worth it will I make any international commitments."

This, however, is not the first time John's Hollywood dreams have got a chance to be fulfilled. When Deepa Mehta's Water travelled across all prestigious film-festivals, the actor was appreciated and approached by many foreign filmmakers.

"It's flattering when your work is appreciated and I will try to do my best," he ends.  So if all goes well, John may just bring in the New Year with his first Hollywood project. Watch this space for more.