Here are the highlights:

11:50: John Kerry concludes his speech at IIT-Delhi.

11:46: There is a way but it is complicated, says John Kerry when asked about way for India to get permanent UNSC seat.

11:43: As people define a great religion Islam in a way that doesn't reflect that religion.They steal it, hijack it.

11:42: No military solution to South China Sea issue.

11:41: We want india to stop use of coal and go for alternate fuel sources.

11:40:  Must credit PM Modi who extended invite to Pakistan PM Sharif, who came for oath-taking ceremony. There have been communication (between India and Pak). This is the process to begin.

11:38: It's clear that Pakistan has work to do in order to push harder against its indigenous groups that're engaged in terrorist activities.

11:35: Pakistanis too have suffered badly due to terrorism and we should help each other to stop the non state actors.

11:33: Working hard to fight terrorism in Pakistan, Balochistan and Afghanistan.

11:32: You have to rely on good judgement of American people: John Kerry to a question regarding Donald Trump.

11:31: John Kerry takes up questions of students.

11:29: Polarisation anywhere is not good, it reflects intolerance and frustration.

11:28: He evaded questions on US elections and Donald Trump.

11:26: Beauty of India and the US is our history of making the impossible a reality: John Kerry.

11:24: Ties wih India is a priority for the US. US is India's biggest trade market: Kerry.

11:23: Next year India will co-host global entrepreneurship summit which will help showcase remarkable talent of Indian entrepreneurs.

11:22: Indian Government has passed GST bill and new bankruptcy laws, made changes in foreign investment regulations.

11:21: President Obama and PM Modi have forged strong understanding and we are encouraged by steps PM is taking.

11:20: Students from both the countries are studying at each others campuses and they share their knowledge and skills.

11:18: India and the US have built a wonderful partnership.

11:16: Security threat is the biggest challenge. We both are victims of terrorism and we both know pain of terrorism.

11:14: Because it does vary from country to country, location to location, place to place.

11:13: It means combating, ending corruption wherever it exists so that you can rebuild trust in institutions.

11.10: We must strike at the root causes of violent extremism and we have to work hard to understand the different variations of causes.

11.08: At a time when countries seek to address issues through use of force, US-India have upheld the rule-based international order.

11.06: Have you (students)come here in boats? asks John Kerry.

11.04: India is an established power today.

11.02: Wherever I go, I find a robust debate, and an ambitious vison of future. This is perhaps in Indian DNA: John Kerry

11.00: John Kerry addresses students at IIT-Delhi.

John Kerry's visit to three religious sites in Delhi got cancelled due to heavy rains, according to sources.

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