Kathmandu: Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala ruled out the possibility of his party joining the Maoist-led government, calling it "impossible" under the circumstances, a day after Sujata Koirala proposed the idea.

Speaking at a press conference in his hometown Nepalgunj in western Nepal, Koirala said NC will join the government only when a favourable environment is created for taking the peace process to the logical conclusion.

"It is impossible to join the Maoist-led government under the current circumstances," he told media persons.

He said the statement made by NC central member Sujata Koirala that the party should join the Baburam Bhattarai government for the sake of peace process was her personal opinion.

Claiming that the Maoist party itself was an obstacle to the conclusion of the peace process, he said the Nepali Congress does not believe the UCPN (Maoist) will conclude the peace process, and cannot therefore join the government.

"We can trust them only if they translate their promises into reality," he said.

Sujata Koirala had said on Saturday that NC should join the government "to show the right path to UCPN (Maoist) Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya's faction, which is creating a hurdle in the peace process."

Sushil Koirala also demanded that the Maoist party return the seized property and dissolve its para-military structure.

His remarks come at a time when hardline Maoist leader Mohan Vaidya 'Kiran' has opposed the idea of returning the seized property.

He has said the government should make alternative arrangements for those who have been using the seized land before asking them to leave the place.

While the Maoists have been demanding integration of 8,000 combatants into the security forces, Koirala said in response to a question that not more than 4,000 combatants could be integrated into the Nepal Army.