Gwalior: Taking tough measures to tackle the brazen mafias involved in the unscrupulous mining across the state, the Madhya Pradesh government is going to form a task force comprising all the concerned government departments to combat the menace.

Gwalior Division Commissioner S B Singh and IG police of Gwalior zone UC Sarangi on Thursday issued guidelines to all the district administrations in this regard.

“The joint task force will comprise of officials from several departments including Police, Revenue, Mineral, Transport and others. They will hold a joint operation in a bid to combat the illegal mining business prospering unabatedly in the state. The taskforce will tackle the illegal activities like deforestation, illegal poaching and illegal encroachment in the wildlife region,” said S B Singh.

Highlighting the loopholes of the previous task forces, Singh further added, “The existing task forces lacked required coordination which is very important for the success of such operations. As a result the desired results are not achieved. When all the key departments like police, revenue, forest authorities and others begin to work in tandem, then the issues like illegal mining can easily be uprooted.”

He further said that the Superintendents of Police from all the districts have given their consent for the formation of the proposed task force.