New Delhi: The brawl between Shahrukh Khan and Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt's party has set off a spate of jokes on the internet.

Various twitter and facebook users are using the social networking sites to poke fun at the two.

One user posted on twitter: "@teraKaminaDost: Shirish Kunder needed a hit.... And Shahrukh just said Main Hu Na!!"  Another joke went, "SRK to SHIRISH KUNDER: Ek Thappad kaafi hai ???... Shirish : 30 MAAR KHAN!"

Dairy cooperative Amul has gone a step ahead making a new ad featuring cartoons of SRK beating up Shirish, with the caption, "Please Maar Khan."

A tweet quipped, "Shirish Kunder's next movie: Thappad Ki Goonj : Tagline: Ouch, That Hurt."

"The 'Tees Maar Khan' producer Shirish Kunder has received his 1st Maar(SLAP) from the Khan. 29 still remain," said another.

"Shirish Kunder- Thappad se darr nahin lagta saheb, Ra.ONE se lagta hai. SRK- Ok, So here goes... SLAP," said a tweet.

"A slap-a-day keeps the media awake," one user joked, while another said, "Kunder now joins the club with Sharad Pawar."

Another post said, "After giving a series of flops... Shirish Kunder finally got a hit... from king khan SRK. Thank you SRK!!"

"SRK & Sanjay Dutt? Shirish Kunder must have been seeing stars," said a tweet.

An user posted, "Breaking: Giant Ra.One imprint found on Shirish Kunder's face."

"Dear Shirish Kunder, Kha.One Regards, SharRukh Khan," said a tweet.

In response to the jokes on the incident, Shirish, who has accused Shahrukh of slapping him, tweeted, "Some of your jokes on the incident were very funny. Including the ones on
me. Keep up the humour. I'll be back soon."

Shahrukh himself has been relatively mum on the subject, calling it a "Shakespearean farce."