Joplin (Missouri): The death toll in tornado hit Joplin, Missouri in United States rose to 142 as residents struggled to pick up the pieces amid overwhelming devastation.
It has been one of the worst tornadoes ever to hit the United States.

Among the newly confirmed killed by the tornado in this town of 50,000 was teenager Will Norton, who was sucked from his father's Hummer as they drove home from his high school graduation.

"It's very disheartening," Joplin spokeswoman Lynn Onstot told. "He was a high school senior who had just graduated. It was a very emotional story for everyone. It touched many of us."

Crews continued searching for the missing, six days after the tornado tore apart everything it touched along a
path six kilometers long.

There were 100 people still unaccounted for as of 1 pm on Saturday, the Missouri Department of Public Safety said in a statement.
State officials are cross-checking names of the missing with hospitals and are working with cell phone
service providers to determine if anyone has used their phone since being added to the list.

The twister, a massive funnel cloud that struck late Sunday, ranks as the single deadliest tornado to hit the
United States since modern record-keeping began in 1950.

More than 8,000 structures in the Midwestern town, including a major commercial area were damaged or destroyed when the tornado with winds over 320 kilometers per hour came roaring through with just a 24-minutes warning.