Beijing: Apart from large number of causalities and major devastation, some other things happened in China which grabbed many eyeballs across the world.

In first of its kind incident, a dedicated Chinese TV presenter cut short her wedding after a massive earthquake hit her hometown on Friday, grabbing a mic to report live from the scene in her bridal gown and veil.
Chen Ying became an internet sensation after a YouTube video of her interviewing survivors while holding up the hem of her billowing white wedding dress went viral. The young journo in China's Sichuan province was about to get married when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit her hometown.
As the quake struck, local news anchor Ying grabbed a microphone and started reporting from the scene, 'South China Morning Post' reported.
Her bridesmaids waited patiently while their bride hurried through the streets wearing a veil and corsage. The video has since been shared thousands of times on Chinese social media as people spread messages of condolences and pleas for help.
Many praise her "professional spirit" on such a disastrous occasion.
1300 aftershocks hit China after quake

After suffering the shallow quake, which claimed more than 200 lives and left over eleven thousand injured, the Lushan county battered by over 1,300 tremors. The severest aftershocks measured as high as 5.4 magnitude, jolting the area badly from the depth of 17 kms.

The quake in Sichuan province, second in five years, sparked off a debate whether there should be high density human settlements in the areas as it is very prone to recurring quakes.
Sichuan is located on the foothills of Tibetan plateau and known to be prone to heavy earthquakes as it sits right over the place where the tectonic Euroasian and Indian plates meet, often colliding with huge force.
Over 90,000 people were killed in 2008 quake in the province which virtually ravaged the area. Its neighbouring province, Qinghai witnessed yet another heavy quake in 2010, causing several deaths and massive destruction.

Shaken giant pandas refuse to climb down from trees

The massive earthquake in China's Sichuan province has created fear not only in the minds of human being but has traumatized animals too. Sichuan, which is the home of endangered giant pandas, has shaken the cuddly animals so badly that they are refusing to come down from the trees they had climbed out of fear.
 Officials in the area were quoted by state-run CCTV as saying that most of the furry animals had climbed on to trees when the quake struck and were refusing to come down.
All the pandas are meanwhile reported to be safe in breeding facilities located in Ya'an in Sichuan province.
The animals are exclusively found in the province which was also the epicenter of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that has killed over 200 people.


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