New Delhi: In an open turf war between JPC chief PC Chako and JPC Chairman Murli Manohar Joshi, daggers were drawn at a meeting called by Lok Sabha Speaker to discuss the issue of overlapping of their functioning over 2G spectrum probe.

Both the Parliament committees have been unable to come on common terms over the issue of limitations of the probe.

Meira Kumar on Friday discussed the issue with Murli Manohar Joshi, Chairman, Parliament Account Committee (PAC) and PC Chacko, Chairman, Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). She also raised the issue of limitations of both committees by JPC and expressed her disappointment over the activities of PAC.

During the meeting, Chacko raised the question over the jurisdiction of PAC to which Joshi replied that PAC is not bound to only CAG report.

Chacko also appealed to the Speaker to look into the matter. After the meeting, he said, “I have discussed the matter with the Speaker. It will be really ridiculous if both the panel reports come out with contradictory results.”

Discussing fixed criteria for JPC, Chacko mentioned that PAC’s ongoing probe might create confusion. Citing the Rule 283(1) of Parliament, the Congress MP said that Speaker can “correct, restrict and guide” any Parliamentary Committee.

Putting a question mark on the claim of PAC being a constitutional body, JPC Chairman stated that PAC is a one member Committee which functions in accordance with the rules and procedures of Parliament.

He elaborated that PAC has the lack of consensus on calling witness. On the issue, Joshi said PAC is not bound to only CAG report, if it notices the misuse of public funds it will also look into or instruct CAG for further probe.

Noticeably, PAC has been functioning since Parliament was not in existence. It is a permanent body that will continue to work as long as Parliament stands but the term of JPC will end after next monsoon session.