New Delhi: The tug-of-war over 2G scam inquiry has refused to die down with the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) planning to write to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman on asking the Committee to confine itself to inquiring issues over which the CAG report has made its observations.

In its first meeting on Thursday, JPC is also planning to discuss whether the PAC chaired by senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi, has gone beyond its mandate.

However, JPC chief PC Chacko said, “JPC has no quarrel with PAC. Propriety demands that we will point out to them. Joshiji is a very senior Member of Parliament and he also knows propriety is very important.”

Maintaining that JPC, which has 30 members from both the Houses, was constituted by a resolution passed by Parliament and the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the committee was mentioned in it, Chacko said, "Our ToR need not be the subject matter of another committee's enquiry. There is an impropriety in that obviously and that we want to point out to the committee."

He said two committees of Parliament submitting contradictory reports or different reports to Parliament will create a difficult situation.

He said that Thursday’s meeting will also discuss the issues including the number of meetings to be held in a week, documents to be summoned, and the enquiry should start from where to where.

The JPC is supposed to submit the report to Parliament by the end of monsoon session and it will try to keep to that time schedule, he said.

Chacko said in the 2G scam there was a demand for a JPC and JPC was not formed. In that intervening period, PAC which is normally entitled to scrutinise the CAG report seized on the matter and started inquiring into the whole 2G Scam.

The veteran parliamentarian from Kerala said now that the JPC has been formed by Parliament, exclusively to go into all these issues, the PAC should refrain from going into a "wider" enquiry.

Asked what he would do if the PAC Chairman does not agree and says he will go ahead, Chacko said "They can. But it is our responsibility and it is our duty to point out this."

To a question whether he would complain to the Speaker, he said, "When Parliament passes a resolution unanimously and in the resolution the Terms of Reference is specifically mentioned .....there is an impropriety in that obviously. And that we want to point out to the committee. And whatever they want to decide let them decide."