Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit also hoped that US President Barack Obama's visit here beginning Sunday will contribute in injecting some stability in the region.
When asked about Pakistan banning JuD, Haqqani network and other terror groups, Basit without explicitly saying the ban had been imposed, replied, "We are proceeding strictly in accordance with UN resolution and Jamaat's (JuD) bank account has been frozen and there is a ban on the travelling abroad of its leadership...
"If you are referring to Hafiz Saeed as to why he has not been put behind bars, I would like to remind you that the resolution (UN) itself doesn't warrant or require member states to lock up such individuals."

"We are responsible members of international community and understand  our responsibility... And, we will not take advantage of any lacuna, if there exists one in the UN resolution," he said at the India Today Round Table.

On the issue of terrorism bedeviling his own country, he said, "We have a strong apprehension that we have internal problems as well but on the other hand we do find that there are some external reasons as well which and encouraging terrorism in the FATA region and the Balochistan region."

"And I think when President Obama visits we hope that will result in further strengthening bilateral relationship between Pakistan-US and Pakistan-India and will contribute to injecting some stability in the region as well," he said.
When asked if Obama's visit here could actually inject improvement in relationship between US and the two Asian countries, he said, "We don't see it as a zero-sum game."

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