Gwalior: The Right to Education (RTE) became a fundamental right in 2009, but poor children are still far away from exercising their right and get school education. In order to implement the Act in letter and spirit, the Madhya Pradesh government has decided initiate criminal proceedings against schools which do not give admission to poor children as per the provisions of the Act.

Due to denial of private schools to give admissions to poor children under the Act, at least 2000 seats are still vacant in the city.

About 5000 seats were reserved for poor children under the RTE Act in private schools here, but 2000 seats are still lying vacant as the schools did not allow admission to students from weaker sections.

According to the sources, the children, especially of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, were not even allowed to enter the school premises.

Education Department official Jayesh Srivastava revealed, “School authorities refuse to cooperate with parents of the children and also misbehave with the department officials when they visit schools for inspection. The schools refuse to cooperate with the education department and try their best to resist admission of the poor.”

Hence, to deal with the situation, the department has decided to file FIR against school in-charge who does not allow admission to children under the RTE Act.