New Delhi: Giving credence to the adage 'Justice denied is justice delayed' the number of pending cases continue to pile up due to the acute shortage of Judges in the country.

According to reports, out of the 895 sanctioned posts of Judges in 21 High Courts of the country, 291 are lying vacant. Similarly, the posts for as many as 3170 Judges are vacant in the lower courts. 

Himachal Pradesh HC is the only High Court which does not have a single vacant post of a Judge.

The maximum number of 94 vacancies for Judges is at Allahabad High Court which has a sanctioned strength of 160.

Similarly, at Punjab and Haryana High Court as 26 out of the 68 sanctioned posts of Judges are lying vacant. Mumbai and Gujarat have 19 posts each of Judges vacant in their respective High Courts. 18 posts of Judges are vacant at Rajasthan, 16 at Kolkata and 12 at Patna.

In Supreme Court, only two posts of Judges are vacant but between July and October seven Judges are scheduled to retire which would increase the number to nine.

Even the lower courts which are burdened with more than 3 crore cases face shortage of Judges. The lower courts have 13,981 Judges against the sanctioned strength of 17,151 Judges.

While Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of lower courts, Bihar tops the list of states having maximum vacancies of Judges. Bihar has 389 posts of Judges lying vacant, followed by 361 in Gujarat, 294 in Uttar Pradesh, 187 in Rajasthan, 168 at Delhi, 123 at Madhya Pradesh, 120 at Punjab and 127 at Uttarakhand.

The list of pending cases is equally surprising. 54,562 cases are pending in the Supreme Court, 42.1 lakh cases in the High Courts and 2.79 crore cases in the lower courts. 

(JPN/ Bureau)