New Delhi: Lambasting at his own fraternity, Press Council Chairman and former Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju said that the Judiciary must not cross its constitutional limits and refrain from interfering in the working of Executives.

“I have seen that some Judges use to start behaving like Emperors. This is highly regrettable and a breach to constitutional provisions, said Katju in an interview to a news channel.

“I have often seen my Apex Court colleagues crossing the ‘laxman rekha’ too”, he claimed.  Making special mention to the interlinking of rivers in this regard, the retired Supreme Court judge said, “The SC ordered that all rivers in the country be interlinked. But this is not a judicial function but an executive one. The change will have several implications. Hence, lots of research and ground work is required. We cannot deny this fact.”

In another attack on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Katju said, “The whole nation is reciting the tales of Nitish and development in Bihar, but we must also be concerned about the media in Bihar. The Chief Minister is managing the media and their freedom is in serious threat there.”

He further said that the media is not able to write or report anything against the Bihar government. “This reflects an undeclared emergency situation prevailing in Bihar. The media persons are afraid that if they report against the government then they will either lose their jobs or be transferred. I have formed a three member fact finding team to investigate all this,” he said.

Taking a dig at the Bihar government over development in the state, Katju said, “Where is development in Bihar. ‘Bihar shining’ is nothing but a mere claim. I went to Patna recently and saw no such progress the state government is boasting of.”

When asked about regulating media, Justice Katju criticized the media for not allowing any kind of regulation for itself by anyone.

“If everyone including judges, lawyers, and doctors have regulations then why shouldn’t media be regulated”, he asked.

When asked about his stance on the recent toongate episode involving West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, he said, “The way she behaved over the cartoon is very childish. The incident should have been taken in good humour. If somebody makes your cartoon, you send him to jail? This is certainly absurd. Otherwise, I respect her as I have not heard of any complaint against her regarding financial wrongdoing.”

Clarifying his controversial statement that 90 percent Indians were fools, Katju said, “I stand by my remarks. If this would not have been the case then why votes would be given on the basis of castes and why would criminals be elected to power. In a country where people elect criminals like Phoolan Devi, then you can solely decide their mental standard.”