Mumbai: The audience may have lapped up Shraddha Kapoor’s latest release at the box office, but looks like the management at a Juhu eatery is not impressed. The manager of the popular eatery in Juhu (with branches across the city) has apparently asked Shraddha to stay off its premises during peak hours as the chaos created by her fans made it difficult for other guests to enjoy their meal.
A source says, “Shraddha was a regular at the eatery’s Juhu outlet. She used to conduct all her meetings there. But after Aashiqui 2 released, it has become almost impossible for her to sit there in peace.”

The management apparently has conveyed to the actress that if need be, her order would be delivered to her doorstep to avoid the ruckus inside their restaurant.

A friend of Shraddha says, “Shraddha used to conduct all her meetings there but now the manager had told her not to visit during peak hours. We can order food from her home.”

According to the manager of the eatery, Kapil Ghamray, a lot of celebrities visit the place. “However, they generally avoid coming in during the peak hours. At times when people come to know that certain celebrities are regulars here, they come and ask for pictures and autographs. We can’t refuse anyone so it gets a little difficult.”

While the store doesn’t have a home delivery system, Ghamray adds that they do deliver to neighbourhood celebrity homes sometimes.

He adds, “We didn’t ask Shraddha ma’am not to come during peak hours but it is just a suggestion. It gets difficult for celebrities too to finish their work like that.”

However, Shraddha seems to be quite nonchalant about the whole episode. She says, “It’s very heartwarming to receive so much love from my fans. It was really sweet of one of the waiters to request me to visit during the non-peak hours. But I’ll keep visiting the place as I love the one-on-one recognition I have been receiving lately,”

Courtesy: Mid-day