Los Angeles: Julia Roberts starrer family drama, 'Fireflies in the Garden' is finally releasing in the US theatres.

The film which features the 43-year-old actress and directed by debut filmmaker Dennis Lee, was caught up in the financial struggles of production company Senator Entertainment since 2009, The Hollywood Reporter said.

"I am so pleased our film will finally get a theatrical release in the US. Anyone familiar with our story knows the road to this moment has been paved with challenges. It’s not lost on me how much care and determination it took to bring Fireflies to light," said Lee, who won a student Academy Award for his short film Jesus Henry Christ in 2003.

The film's producers, including Marco Weber, Vanessa Coifman, Sukee Chew and Philip Rose, have recently regained the rights and plan to release a brand new cut themselves in theaters in LA, New York, Chicago and San Francisco on October 14.

Ryan Reynolds, Willem Dafoe, Emily Watson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Ioan Gruffud and Hayden Panettiere also star in the film, about a successful Midwestern family ruptured by a tragic accident.

It had its world premiere at the Berlin film festival in February 2008 before rolling out around much of the world over the following 18 months.