Melbourne: Six and a half months, is the time when women decide enough is enough, and starts to demand changes in their man's fashion sense, a new survey has revealed.

According to the survey by Marks and Spencer and Oxfam, researchers found that the top five fashion turn-offs for women were meggings (tight male leggings), onesies, leather trousers, three-quarter-length trousers and flip-flops, website reported.

Men's five pet hates were onesies, jeggings (leggings styled to look like denim jeans), velour tracksuits, animal-print clothing and boob tubes.

And in case of resistance, the action taken to change their partner's style can be ruthless.

Just under half of women admitted to throwing away their partner's offending items without him knowing, and one in seven took it one stage further, by putting them in the wrong wash on purpose.

Despite only one in five women admitted amending their own fashion taste to fit a partner's style, more than two-thirds confessed to raiding his wardrobe on occasion.

Men are less keen, with only one in five admitting having worn an item of their partner's clothing.

Jo Hemmings, a behavioural psychologist and relationship coach, said she “wasn't surprised to see that it takes just over six months for women to take control”.


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