New Delhi: Questioning the fairness of the committee appointed by Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice-President Hamid Ansari, Sikkim High Court Chief Justice P D Dinakaran on Tuesday moved the Supreme Court and sought a stay on its proceedings. The latter is facing an inquiry pending motion of removal in Parliament.

Earlier on the direction of Rajya Sabha, a committee headed by Supreme Court Justice Aftab Alam and Karnataka HC Chief Justice J S Khehar and senior advocate P P Rao was formed on April 24, to probe the charges of corruption and amassing of wealth by Dinakaran.

Justice Dinakaran had moved an application before the committee questioning the inclusion of Rao as a member. He alleged that Rao was biased and not suited to be a member of the committee for he had signed a memorandum opposing his purported elevation to the Supreme Court.

However, the committee on April 24 dismissed Dinakaran's application seeking exclusion of Rao from the panel.
Justice Dinakaran has appealed to the Apex Court to annul the panel’s order which had rejected his application.
Meanwhile, the panel has decided to continue the enquiry against Justice Dinakaran.